Saturday, 26 December 2009

Santa's little helper.

Yes thats me, I just love making my Christmas presents, here a few select pieces.

A chocolate selection for my sweet toothed Grandad. If eating Chocolate everyday gets you to 93 and still in pretty good shape then it cant be too bad.It doesnt really look like much but my Brother reads A LOT. He has 4 books on the go at the moment and it has his name on the back. Although being the dumb-ass that he his at time he didnt get that I had made it for him! USELESS BOY!Earrings for the best friend and pendant for the Sister in law. I made them in my silver jewellery class last term.Beaded earrings for the Mother, she doesnt like silver as she is "an Autumn" Im doing an advanced (well continuation, but advanced sounds better) beading class in Feburary so hopefully I will come out of that being able to do some really fancy stuff, that ofcourse I will share with you.

I hope everybody has a had a wonderful Christmas whatever you have been doing. I will probably be busy with the family and best friend for a while but Im already looking forward to blogging again in the new year. Im seeking inspiration for new projects the Christmas cards kept me very busy.