Saturday, 26 December 2009

Santa's little helper.

Yes thats me, I just love making my Christmas presents, here a few select pieces.

A chocolate selection for my sweet toothed Grandad. If eating Chocolate everyday gets you to 93 and still in pretty good shape then it cant be too bad.It doesnt really look like much but my Brother reads A LOT. He has 4 books on the go at the moment and it has his name on the back. Although being the dumb-ass that he his at time he didnt get that I had made it for him! USELESS BOY!Earrings for the best friend and pendant for the Sister in law. I made them in my silver jewellery class last term.Beaded earrings for the Mother, she doesnt like silver as she is "an Autumn" Im doing an advanced (well continuation, but advanced sounds better) beading class in Feburary so hopefully I will come out of that being able to do some really fancy stuff, that ofcourse I will share with you.

I hope everybody has a had a wonderful Christmas whatever you have been doing. I will probably be busy with the family and best friend for a while but Im already looking forward to blogging again in the new year. Im seeking inspiration for new projects the Christmas cards kept me very busy.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Special Delivery

I handed out my Christmas cards at work, and they LOOOOOVED them, the boss lady said she very much apprieciated the effort. (thats a compliment)

Monday, 7 December 2009


A quick Birthday card made to order (for my Mummy) and to enter this weeks fab Papertake challenge. Not only was it a change from making a Christmas card, but I got to use many pieces from my stash, infact it was all made from my papaer, card and letter stash.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like it.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Card Patterns

This is the first time I have joined a Card Patterns challenge, and once again I have left it untill the last minute, but at least Im not late!!!

Papers: Basic Grey:- Eskimo Kisses, evergreen. Pattern, Euphoria

Card: From my stash.

As for the lovely embellishment Im afraid I was so excited to use them I tore open the packaging and chucked it away with out even looking at the label!

But they are so pretty. I hope you like it, thanks for looking.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mojo Monday

Ive had this card for Mojo Monday almost finished since Tuesday, I needed to wait for my trip to Hobbycraft to buy the tape to finish it off. It was such a FAB sketch I couldnt wait to get started on it.
This is the first card I did and my entry for the challenge.

Card and Ribbon: from Stash, sorry cant remember who made it.

Font: French Script. I think it fits perfectly

Paper: October Afternoon. Ive had this paper for so long now Im so glad Ive finally used it.

This card for my boss, I think she will be suitably impressed. I went to extra effort to make sure I got everything straight and spelt correctly. She is the kind of person that would say "I can see its handmade, youve spelt Christmas wrong"

I loved working with this sketch so much that I have made quite a few more cards based on the initial design, with a few slight tweeks.

Im taking a break from Christmas cards tomorrow I need to do a good luck and birthday card before I finish my Christmas cards. Perhaps I will use the next Mojo Monday Challenge.

Friday, 27 November 2009

1 more for the day, allsorts challenge

Ive just noticed that I need to post my entry for this weeks allsorts challenge tonight as there will be a new one tomorrow, so yeah you get 2 posts in 1 day, its almost like buses.

The challenge was Christmas Song / Carol
and here is mine Isnt he cute, its Frosty the Snowman.Papers form Basic Grey, Dovecraft and October Afternoon
letters from Making Memories
Hope you like it, thanks for looking.

Sketch Saturday

This is my entry for this weeks sketch saturday, posted just in time. Firstly the sketch...

so much possiblity here. I decided to use the sketch to make a card for somebody special.I changed it a little bit, but I like it this way. My Pa has gone back to work now so he wont be home for Christmas which makes me sad but then it makes me happy (ish) to know he has this to open on the big day.

I used papers from Basic Grey and Dovercraft, Card from my Stash and Tinsel Dots from Crafty people.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Ive been busy

Ive been feeling a bit down recently so Ive been trying to keep myself busy. Ive made so many cards, some not for challenges, some for challenges. Only thing is Ive been so busy I cant remember what challenges they were!!! That probably means Ive missed the deadline, oops!
O well I love the cards anyway so they are still worth showing off.
Ill start with the 2 birthday cards I made for my Mum a coiple of weeks ago, I cant remember what I used to make them as it was all from my stash. This is the one from me ...
...and this is the one from my Dad.

These are my favourite 2 christmas cards I made this weekend. I used lots of the basic grey papers I bought last weekend at the Christmas Craft show at the NEC. They are so lovely to work with.

But my favourite bit is the Trimcraft paper at the bottom, and the tinsel toppers. I love christmas.

Monday, 2 November 2009

2 for the price of 1

I think Ive only managed this once before, so I am actually feeling really really pleased with myself for managing to complete 2 challeneges with 1 card. Firstly the cooking challenge on a spoonful of sugar, and then at My time to craft the challenge was to rip it up.

Here is what I came up with.
I didnt mean to post that photo and now I cant delete it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This one is a bit clearer, but you still have to look closely at the top of the light blue strip to see where I have ripped it!!
Hope you like it. Ill keep it brief tonight as I still have pressies to wrap for Mothers Bday tomorrow, yes she'll be 21 again.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Mojo Monday (on a roll)

2 posts in 1 day, Im on a roll now! Im so glad I found a sketch to use these beautiful papers. Here is my entry for this weeks Mojo Monday. First of all the sketch. (love it)

And heres the card. I think its missing something, but Im not sure, I still like it though!

All the papers are from Papermania Home for Christmas set, Ive been longing to use these papers they are just gor-JUS!

Hope you like

Busy hands

Here are a few of the things I have been keeping myself busy with for the past week.

I liked the purple ones so much I made the same in green. I think the lay out was from a sketch from Mojo Monday, but I was too slow in finding my camera so missed my chance to enter, oops! I need to get a move on posting for this weeks challenge or Ill miss it again.

You cant see the text very well, it says Santa Claus is coming to town.

I love these, but they werent for a challenge. The text simply says CHRISTMAS in sparkly letters, we all need a bit of sparkle sometimes.

and finally some beautiful twinkly blue stars, again not for a challenge, but I like these so I thought I would post them. Hope you like them too.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Too long

I have been making cards, and lots of other things I have been so busy that I have been neglecting the blog. I can feel a mamouth post coming up.
It may include the following:
  • Mothers fantastic birthday card
  • Gift tags
  • A silver pendant
  • Ear rings
  • and naturally a stack of christmas cards.

Hope eveybody is doing well and keeping busy.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Autumn Glory

I made this card last saturday and I cant believe it has taken me so long to post it!! I should have an excuse but Ive just been busy and then a bit lazy, my bad! Anyway I need to do this quickly as Im off out tonight so I will get to the point.

Its a birthday card for my sister in law from my parents, technically a commission, haha! I bought the paper a little while ago because I thought it was lovely, but I wasnt sure what I would do with it until I found the butterflies on sale and saw the challenge at One Stop Craft ChallengeBut I going to be bold and enter it in this months By the Cute and Girly too. The designs already entered in both challenges are 100% fabulous and make me feel a teeny tiny bit inadequate, but blow it Im still entering.

I hope you like :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tuesday Morning

Another card that is soon to be (if not already) finding its way across the equator to the family in South Africa. It is also my entry for the weeks Tuesday Morning SketchI did plan it to be landscape, but my Mum prefered it portrait.
Supplies Paper - Dovercraft (butterflies) K & Company (green)
Letters - Making Memories
Card - from the stash
I really really enjoyed working with this sketch its so versatile and pretty; Im working on a Christmas card in the same style.
Ive got other cards to post about, but its been a busy weekend and I still want to have a look at other blogs, so Ill have to save it for another time.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Colour Create 28

This week at Colour Create the challenge was to use Hot Pink, Dusky Pink and Ice Chocolate. Now I have never completed a challenge based on colour, so I thought I would have a go and this is what I came up with. Its a Birthday card for my sister in law, even though shes been with my Brother for a long time now I still found it quite difficult to make her a personal card, but I think she should be quite pleased with this one.

Plain papers were from Dovecraft Designer Pack. Patterned Paper were free from Crafts Beautiful Magazine. Card was from my stash (I thought I would NEVER use the brown shade, calling it chocolate is much more appealing) and the letters were the same as I have used on most of my Christmas Cards, the Alpha Shimmers. Being somebody that hates waste I used the dots from the middle of the O to make the dots on the side :)

Just dont look to closely, I dont think they are straight! I really enjoyed completing a colour challenge and I hope you like my card. I look forward to the next one.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Papertake 24

This is my last minute entry into this weeks Papertake Challenge, its slightly different from the sketch, but only slightly.

The plain paper is from Dovecraft Designer Pack.

Its not clear in the picture, but the bottom half of the card is covered by a sheet of Anita's Christmas Silver Vellums, this one has a snowflake pattern.

The star paper is part of my stash, I think it must have been another bargin buy there was no label on the back.

The letters are Anita's Silver outline stickers.

The photo was taken buy me back in Feburary when we had the snow. I had a snow day from work so I went for a walk. I thought everything looked so much more beautiful covered in snow, so I took so many photos. I love that I can send christmas cards across the world with pictures of my little town.

I have completed a few more challenges this week so I will be making a few regular posts.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Id like to thank...

Haha, ages ago I was given an award from the lovely Judie at I just love crafty mess I have been meaning to post about it for days now, Im such a slacker but here goes.O yeah these are the rules, cos you got to have rules, right!
1 Thank the person who nomitated you for this award - THANKS JUDIE
2 Copy the logo and place it on your blog
3 link the person who nomiated you for this award
4 Name 7 Things about yourself people might find interesting
5 Nomiante 7 kreativ Blogers
6 Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7 Leave comments on all 7 blogs letting them know you nomiated them
So then, 7 things interesting about me !!!!

1. I have a birthmark in my eye. They are blue but one has a streak of brown.
2. I love taking photographs of anything and eveything, food, landscapes, people and so on.
3. I didnt learn to ride a bike until I was 7, but now I love it and wish I could cycle everyday.
4. Im a creature of habit, I start everyday with a hot Honey and Lemon and finish eveyday with a Hot chocolate.
5. Im a Daddies girl, theres no shame in that.
6. I have met people from every continent, now I just want to travel to these places, Im always dreaming about travelling.
7. Im so scared of spiders.

Ok nominations next- Im going to mix it as I have 2 blogs so some will be readers from this blog and some from my other blog.

1 Beth - this girl is so so talented. I just love all your cards!
2. Jane - I always look forward to reading your post, and I look forward to following the new challenge blog.
3. Maria - A writer, photographer artist and all round beautiful person.
4. Mitri - Everything about the lovely Mitri is creative and inspiring.
5. Carlyann - One of the first creative blogs I started reading and still look forward to every inspiring post
6. Deb - Ive learnt alot and found so much inspiration from Deb, that deserves an award.
The last one is so hard as Id like to give an award to all the blogs I read I think everyone of you are fantastic and so clever in what in you make, but Im going to give it to
7. Anice - just because you make such beautiful things.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend, Ive got to work today, but tomorrow is a going to be lovely Im going shopping for more craft supplies I have a stack of cards to make and not much time to do it!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

2 Fab Christmas Cards

I have made a late entry for Fab's Big Christmas Card Challenge. Every Christmas I hope for snow, I dont think Im the only one, so Ive made Frosty the Snowman.I didnt realise its such a small picture! Oops.
The snowy paper is from the Deck the Halls collection (papermania or making memories, sorry Im having a blank moment) and all the other parts are from my stash of card and paper stock. I liked it so much I made some more in red.
O and I used my Gel glitter pens to colour in the scarf. I have been working on some other christmas cards to, hopefully I will complete them soon so I can post them too.
Hope you like it :)

Monday, 14 September 2009

Busy weekend, all kinds of cards

Ive been so busy this weekend. Ive made lots Christmas Cards, a Birthday Card and a Wedding card for my cousin. Deck the Halls spotty and Snowflake paper, Kit N Kraft Green paper and some red card from my stash. I thought Id start with the simple cards first and then make the more complicated ones, I have a few ideas going round in my head and Im working on them in my sketch book.This was just made using some freebies from a magazine.

I also made this for my Pops, its not his birthday for a month yet, but hes already gone back to work and wont be back for 7 weeks so I sneeked it into his suitcase. Sometimes simplicity is the best thing. I used paper from my stash for this one. The spotty paper was part of the collection I bought for a snip at my local craft shop :) and I used my flower hole punch to make the embellishments.If I knew somebody who had a baby I think I would have used this paper to make them a card, but I dont.

Aaaaand finally the wedding card. I got to use one of my new stamps. Im not very confident with stamps so Ive only got a little one to start with .

I used Papermania wedding march card stock and pink card from Coredinations for the background and the butterflies, very cute.

I hope you like them all thank you for looking. Hopefully I will have a card for a challenge to post soon.