Friday, 25 September 2009

Id like to thank...

Haha, ages ago I was given an award from the lovely Judie at I just love crafty mess I have been meaning to post about it for days now, Im such a slacker but here goes.O yeah these are the rules, cos you got to have rules, right!
1 Thank the person who nomitated you for this award - THANKS JUDIE
2 Copy the logo and place it on your blog
3 link the person who nomiated you for this award
4 Name 7 Things about yourself people might find interesting
5 Nomiante 7 kreativ Blogers
6 Post links to the seven blogs you nominate
7 Leave comments on all 7 blogs letting them know you nomiated them
So then, 7 things interesting about me !!!!

1. I have a birthmark in my eye. They are blue but one has a streak of brown.
2. I love taking photographs of anything and eveything, food, landscapes, people and so on.
3. I didnt learn to ride a bike until I was 7, but now I love it and wish I could cycle everyday.
4. Im a creature of habit, I start everyday with a hot Honey and Lemon and finish eveyday with a Hot chocolate.
5. Im a Daddies girl, theres no shame in that.
6. I have met people from every continent, now I just want to travel to these places, Im always dreaming about travelling.
7. Im so scared of spiders.

Ok nominations next- Im going to mix it as I have 2 blogs so some will be readers from this blog and some from my other blog.

1 Beth - this girl is so so talented. I just love all your cards!
2. Jane - I always look forward to reading your post, and I look forward to following the new challenge blog.
3. Maria - A writer, photographer artist and all round beautiful person.
4. Mitri - Everything about the lovely Mitri is creative and inspiring.
5. Carlyann - One of the first creative blogs I started reading and still look forward to every inspiring post
6. Deb - Ive learnt alot and found so much inspiration from Deb, that deserves an award.
The last one is so hard as Id like to give an award to all the blogs I read I think everyone of you are fantastic and so clever in what in you make, but Im going to give it to
7. Anice - just because you make such beautiful things.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend, Ive got to work today, but tomorrow is a going to be lovely Im going shopping for more craft supplies I have a stack of cards to make and not much time to do it!!


  1. Love you so much, thanks for the award it means a lot - I really appreciate you reading my blog and enjoying it and stuff. I love your blog too it's so creative and inspiring x

  2. Awww, thanks Fleur! I'm blushing! Well done on winning it too! I will display it with pride!
    Have a fab weekend!

    Beth xx