Monday, 1 March 2010

10 things for (the rest of) 2010

Sometimes I need to make lists just to make sure I get things done, and I think this is a perfect illustration of the point. Somethings on this list I have been wanting to do/ have a go at for ages and never got round to. By putting it on here I have to do it, and ofcourse share the results.
So no more stalling these are 10 things I would like to make this year.

1. A bag charm. I finally have the perfect bag, not too big, not too small, goes with everything, has the right number of pockets and so on. Now I just need to fancy it up a bit.
2. A 1 off tshirt. Nothing plain and boring like most of my wardrobe.
3. A special birthday cake and gift. The old man hits the big 6-0 this year and I love my Daddy so Id like to something special for him.
4. A collage for my bedroom wall.
5. A cookbook. One that looks great and then I want to actually use the recipes!

6. A Charm necklace / Statement necklace. I always see lovely necklaces but I never wear them so I figure if I make it I will love it and then wear it.
7. Something patchwork. It looks so cute.
8. Calendars for 2011
9. Homemade toiletries. This may just be a pipedream.
10 Sketch books, I want to draw, collage, design, photograph just for the love of it.

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